Coastal Technologies, Inc. offers complete product solutions, from customized design for new applications or retrofits, through precision fabrication, to meet your most demanding requirements.

CTI applies over 30 years of experience developing innovative mist eliminator solutions, and a century of engineering experience to guide you in your selection, whether the application is for a small industrial process or a large utility flue gas scrubber. Our manufacturing facility is staffed with experienced craftsmen and qualified welders that take pride in their work and their working environment.

We recognize our customers and suppliers as partners in our progress and success. CTI has expanded manufacturing capabilities through support relationships with skilled global partners to address fabrication requirements necessary to meet the needs of local projects effectively. CTI works with overseas governmental and oversight organizations to support end users on those local projects.

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Fully Integrated Design and Manufacturing:

  • Integrated Computer Network
  • Engineering – Custom Design Solutions
    • Droplet Characterization
    • CAD/CAM Engineering Systems
    • General Arrangement Drawings
    • Manufacturing Drawings
    • Specification Writing
    • Structural Modeling FEA
    • Fluid Modeling CFD
    • Material Recommendations
    • Code Design & Non-Code Design
  • Project Management
    • Engineering / Design Review
    • Witness Inspections and Tests
    • Production Coordination Review
    • Quality Control / ITP Control

    (and for the internals we produce with overseas support partners) –

    • Fabricator Coordination / Engineering Review
    • Project Coordination among End-User, Contractor, and Fabricator
    • Field Support / Onsite Supervisions, where required

    Additional services on a contractual basis may include:

    • Site Inspection
    • Field Supervision for Installation
  • Office Productivity and Accounting Systems
    • Application Review and Consultation
    • Contact Sourcing / Strategic Procurement
  • Manufacturing
    • Complete CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining Capabilities
      • Water Jet Cutting
      • Forming
      • Laser Cutting
    • Pilot Test Units
    • Overhead Manufacturing Clearance
    • Overhead Lifting Capabilities
    • Loading Bays
    • Short-term Warehousing

    (and for vessels we produce with support partners) –

    • Global Fabrication Relationships for ASME Code Stamped Vessels

Coastal Technologies is eager to provide AIROL® mist eliminators / separation solutions to meet your needs and increase your efficiency. In addition to its AIROL® mist eliminators, CTI’s product options may include the fiberglass, stainless alloy, and polypropylene housings, ductwork, spray headers, support beams and hold-down clamps necessary to provide its customers with everything up to flange-to-flange system responsibility, and within every price point.

There is no substitute for knowledge when it comes to supplying the right equipment for the intended application, particularly when the mist eliminator must fit within the confines of your existing equipment. CTI is ready to respond to the full scope of your requirements.